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fuckbook personalsEqually important is that you need to pay attention to a woman’s actions, not what she says. Her words will tell you facts, things about her and her life, etc., and those are reliable – for the most part. She’s actually giving you indirect clues. Very often, a woman that use fuckbook personals says one thing, but means another, and that is precisely why:

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For example, a woman that our adult personals tells you she thinks you’re very cute and she’d love to get together with you sometime, but she won’t give you her phone number. What is she really saying? Her actions are doing the talking: She isn’t attracted or interested enough in you. If she were, she would give you her phone number. Only a woman with low trust and attraction would refuse to give you her number. The only time a woman on our adult chat service provided by tchat NRJ the best provider of chat tools and live cams in europe.

Learn to stop listening women at a certain point and simply watch what she does. Her actions are reality. Her words are not reliable. She just can’t help saying what she does, because she only wants to avoid hurting your feelings. That’s why women don’t just tell men “no, thanks” instead of inadvertently leading us on.
What she is speaks so loudly that you can’t hear what she is saying.

There is a concept that you must understand early on that will affect the way that you process your successes and failures. It’s vitally important that you understand this principle, because you will be tempted to believe that certain things are within your power to change, while they may not. If you confuse the two, you will be prone to more pain than you deserve.

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How to Manage a Realtionship with Girls you Met on Social Sex Sites

seduce girls on social sex sitesJealousy and Cheating

Jealousy is one of the least attractive traits a man can have. It doesn’t matter how justified it is – it will still sink your ship every time.  I remember one girl who was sleeping with a friend, they met on some Adult Social Network, and even though she had a boyfriend. When I’d hang out with her, she would complain about how her boyfriend was always so jealous of other guys.

Read that again – she’s complaining that her boyfriend suspected something that was absolutely true! He had every right to be jealous. The only solution to the jealousy problem is to show no jealousy whatsoever. It doesn’t matter if she’s flirting with every guy she knows and whispering sweet nothings in their ears. You need to act as if it couldn’t concern you less.

The fact is that if she wants to flirt with other guys – or do more than just flirt – there is no way you’re going to stop her. If she’s reasonably attractive then she has a line of guys just waiting for her attention. If she’s unreasonably hot, then you can bet that she has armies of men fawning over her. Your petty jealousy will serve as no deterrent to her doing whatever she pleases.

How to Deal with Slutty Girls

It’s a very common occurrence for a girl to be faithful to her boyfriend, but then he gets jealous and possessive, imagining that she’s sleeping around. He expresses his jealousy, which then leads her to think “If he thinks I’m sleeping with other people, I may as well just do it.” This sounds crazy, but I’ve heard girls say that VERBATIM. It’s important to give a girl all the freedom she wants. Show her that you trust her, and she will want to earn your trust. You probably have female friends that you’re not sleeping with, so extend her the same courtesy. If she wants to go out with her guy friends, then don’t protest.

I actually encourage girls to do things like this because I think it ultimately makes them happier in the relationship. After training yourself not to be jealous for a while, you will actually not feel jealous anymore, and since you are here to meet girls online, you need to have more control on your feelings, since you have a great chance to meet hot girls that are more open about their relationships. Being 100% jealousy free makes you that much more appealing to girls and it makes your relationship less stressful.

One last word of advice – if she’s cheated before, she’ll do it again. Maybe not with you, but be prepared for the possibility, and accept it up front, that’s part of the deal of hooking up with girls from social sex sites. If she’s faithful, then consider yourself lucky.